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The idea of Pub Dog began on a trip to Europe in 2013. Tara and her mom were out to dinner at a fairly nice restaurant and about an hour into the dinner, the most beautiful Newfoundland came out from underneath the table next to them. They were shocked that this beautiful dog had been allowed in the restaurant.

Tara came home from the trip and told her dad, who had always been business minded, about this experience and they both questioned why they couldn’t do something like this in the States. She spent months researching and found that allowing dogs in restaurants didn’t really exist anywhere and thus, Pub Dog was born.

Tara and her dad spent 3 1/2 years working through the health department, the city, the county, the state and financing before being able to break ground in the fall of 2016. Pub Dog opened its doors in April of 2017. Since then, the building and experience has become a destination that people travel from all over the country to visit!


TARA - Owner

Tara was born and raised here in the Pikes Peak region. After going through school to become an engineer, she quickly learned that she wasn’t cut out for that type of work. She then spent 12 years working in a local restaurant before embarking on opening Pub Dog. When she isn’t working, Tara can be found spending time with her pup, Riley, watching sports, going to concerts, traveling with her boyfriend and being an auntie to her favorite kiddos in the world. 

SHANE - General Manager

Shane is a Colorado native who has found a passion in the restaurant business. He has over 30 years of experience managing, building and helping businesses prosper and grow. He has been with Pub Dog Colorado since 2021. He has two beautiful children and an adoring wife that he enjoys spending time with. If you don’t see him at Pub Dog you can find him going to his children’s sporting events, traveling, fly fishing or sippin’ on good whiskey.

CHEYENNE - Assistant General Manager

Cheyenne has spent her whole life surrounded by so many animals, which grew even more when she was a Veterinary Technician.  That is why Pub Dog has been a Godsend in her life and letting her bring together her love of business and dogs.  When she isn’t working, Cheyenne can be found snuggling with her 2 Wheatens and partner enjoying a True Crime Documentary.