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Hi Team –> We are changing our payroll!

We will be transitioning payroll platforms to Gusto this month and you can expect the upcoming payroll to come from their system.

Later this week you’ll receive an email from Gusto (no-reply@gusto.com) and the subject will say: [Action Required] Welcome to Pub Dog Colorado.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you have do not receive it and we can send another email(It can appear in your spam folder, so be sure to check this as well)

THERE IS NO ACTION REQUIRED, but I encourage you to review your information for accuracy and to make any changes if necessary. You can login by clicking the link in the email or by navigating to Gusto’s homepage and clicking the sign in button on the top left.

You will also see a $0.01 deposit into your bank account from Gusto. This is initiated by them to make sure that your account is connected to their system so there are no hiccups on our next payday.

Our company payday will still be EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY. Your pay is guaranteed to be in your account by 5 pm on payday.

You will have complete access to your account, pay stubs and tax forms for life from your new Gusto account. If you need to update your bank information, tax withholding or any other personal information, you will be also be able to do this from your Gusto account.

Click here for help navigating your new employee profile as well as contact information to the Gusto Customer Support team if you have any questions.

We will also be transitioning our employee files to be completely digital. As existing employees, you may need to electronically RESIGN all of the initial hire documents through Gusto. I will keep you updated on this as I learn more about how we make this transition.

As always, if you have questions, please let Shane or myself know!

~ Tara ~









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