After a lot of thought and product comparisons, we have decided at Pub Dog, to replace all of our glassware with a line of unbreakable, high quality, polycarbonate drinkware. The first and most glaring question of course is, ‘Will my drink taste different out of a polycarbonate glass?’ In this case, the only noticeable difference is that your drink will in fact stay colder for longer than in a real glass. Polycarbonate is known for having excellent insulation properties, which keeps hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder for longer. This pleasant side effect certainly helped settle any back and forth we had on this issue! Now that, that’s out of the way; here is a little background about Blazun Drinkware. 

Blazun Unbreakable Drinkware is the North American branch of an Australian based company called Polysafe Unbreakable Drinkware. While they are a relatively new company, their revolutionary drinkware technology already has an unmatched reputation for its sustainability and quality. For this reason, Blazun Drinkware made its way into the American market rather quickly.  Aside from it’s undeniably positive reputation within the hospitality industry, this drinkware is virtually unbreakable! Blazun Drinkware utilizes a one-of-a-kind manufacturing method that focuses on both strength of material as well as strength of design in all of their products. Every style in our new line of Blazun Drinkware features a thick, weighted base that is easy to stack. In other words, you no longer have to strategically stack dirty glassware inside of our bus tubs to avoid breakage! And when you are testing out your serving skills while bringing a tray of drinks out to the patio, you can now do it with much more ease of mind. In general, we felt that this durable and safe design was a much better option for an establishment full of puppy paws! Your concerns and comments on this issue were heard and have now been put into action! Blazun’s mission is simple ‘To make your venue safe!’ And at Pub Dog, our drinkware decisions just so happen to mirror that simplicity, ‘To keep your pups safe!’


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