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Name: Chester
Nickname: Chester the Weather Dog
Breed: Golden Retriever
Birthday: June 19, 2011
How long have you been together: I got Chester when he was 6 weeks old – so his entire life, 7 years. It was love at first sight!
Favorite playtime activity: Shaking and throwing his “baby” up in the air and catching it.
Least favorite thing to do: Running. If we play fetch he walks haha!
Favorite Food: Steak, ice cream, chicken and a lick of beer every so often!
Mastered commands: Leave it, speak, sit, wait, come and finish (circles around me.)
Celebrity look alike: Shadow from Homeward Bound
Best memory at Pub Dog: 7th Birthday party where he got to eat cake with all of his friends.
How did your dog come to be in your life: I always wanted a dog to call my best friend. Once I graduated college I was finally allowed to get a puppy. I chose a breeder in Nashville Tennessee and named him Chester after a historic hotel in Starkville, Mississippi.
Anything else we should know: Chester is the official Weather Dog at FOX21 News. He has his own TV segment sponsored by Pub Dog called ‘Chester’s Crew’ which celebrates local pets across the area and gets pet pictures on TV. Outside of work he has won awards in agility and spent countless hours as a therapy dog making people smile. He enjoys swimming, cuddling and big hugs.


Name: Bartholomew

Nickname: B-Mo

Breed: Rottweiler

Birthday: March 5

How long have you been together: 5 weeks

Favorite playtime activity: Biting my sister’s tail!

Least favorite thing to do: give me mom the treasures I’ve found around the house

Favorite food: Anything that blows in the wind

Mastered commands or tricks: Sit, lay down, and belly rubs

Celebrity look-alike: Joey Diaz

Best memory at Pub Dog: First time eating a pupsicle!

How did your dog come to be in your life: It was love at first sight!


-Name: Hannah
-Nickname: Hannah Montana, Hannah Banana, Hannah Marie, Hannah Bear
-Breed: German short hair pointer and Australian Shepherd mix
-Birthday: June 1st 2017
-How long have you been together: Since August 3rd
-Favorite activity: coming to pub dog
-Favorite food: peanut butter
-Mastered commands or tricks: Sit, shake, lay down and roll over
-Best memory at Pub Dog: When Hannah met her long lost sister.
-How did your dog come to be in your life: adopted her from a rescue


Name: Hershey
Nickname: Hershey Wershey
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Birthday: April 18
How long have you been together:Almost a year! He turns one soon.
Favorite activity:Hiking with his sisters Jazmyn (Shetland)and Kiowa (Yorkie/Shitzu) and playing with other dogs at Pub Dog.
Favorite food: Surprisingly, his vitamins.
Mastered commands or tricks: Sit and bedtime (He goes to his bed). He is still learning.
Celebrity look-alike:No one can pull off Hershey’s look….
Best memory at Pub Dog:Every time we come in, Hershey knows where we are the moment we enter the parking lot. He is yipping with excitement and knows every employee and greats them like he’s known them his whole life because he has!
How did your dog come to be in your life: We were shopping at the mall and decided to take some stress off by looking at the puppies. My wife, Whittlee, was looking at the puppies and saw Hershey. It was love at first sight.

Meet Dayzee – Our February Dog of the Month

Hi! My name’s Dayzee and I am a 12 year old jet black Whipador from the great mountains of Colorado. I love sun rays and hikes with my mom and dad. We love to travel all over the U.S. with our heads out the windows, tongues flapping in the fresh air (well at least my tongue is flapping). One of my favorite activities is chasing any and all tennis balls that come into my life.

One of my hidden talents is diving for sticks under the river and lake water.  My parents taught me some cool stuff like how to play dead, roll over, shake and jump! My dream date would be getting my nails done by my mom and going out to Pub Dog on a sunny afternoon, enjoying biscuits and pupsicles on the grass with my friends. You can meet me on most Saturday afternoons at Pub Dog! I hope to see you all there!

Meet Dino – Our January Dog of the Month

Dino is our first dog of the month at Pub Dog.  Dino has been coming into Pub Dog since our first week open.  He is so friendly to people and other dogs and loves any attention he can get. He is a Harlequin Great Dane that was born on February 1, 2015. He weighs 137.5 pounds and is 2 feet 10 inches at the withers. Dino is incredibly smart! He knows exactly where we keep the dog bones at Pub Dog and it isn’t unusual to see Dino walk right up to the bar, sit down and wait for a treat! If you ever run into Dino while visiting Pub Dog, make sure to ask his dad Don to show you his tricks!!

Commands Dino Knows: Say hello, sit, stay, come, halt, forward, leave it, it’s ok, good, go to bed, take it nice, good dog.

Welcome to the #pubdogpack Dino!