This week’s business feature is The Barking Biscuit Bakery! Shawna Decker is the owner of this one-of-a-kind mobile dog treat business. Her creations are made in the commercial kitchen of another business that she owns. And of course, her dogs are the taste testers of the treats. Shawna’s passion for her own fur babies extends to those buying her treats, ensuring a quality product every time!

“If it is not something that they will eat I do not make it again” -Shawna

The Barking Biscuit Bakery is the first full mobile dog treat trailer in Colorado. Shawna also has an online store and a mobile app that can be downloaded for consumer convenience. The app will let you know where the trailer is located and what days. This is a great way to have a new adventure with your pup and spoil them with a few unique and tasty treats!

While Shawna’s business is a start-up, she is working on becoming more involved with the Colorado Springs community. She personally loves being involved in animal rescue organizations. She has donated to All Breed Rescue and Training in addition to the Humane Society. The Barking Biscuit Bakery trailer was parked at the Freemont Humane Society event called “Pitty Party” and was a huge success. Her upcoming events include the 80’s Fest 5k/ Poker run located in Loveland. She looks forward to sharing her unique dog treats to all dog owners within the area.

In addition to her mobile dog treat trailer she does custom orders and special occasion cakes. This is your go to gal for making your dog’s birthday party an event to remember!

Shawna Decker- Owner
The Barking Biscuit Bakery


-Name: Hannah
-Nickname: Hannah Montana, Hannah Banana, Hannah Marie, Hannah Bear
-Breed: German short hair pointer and Australian Shepherd mix
-Birthday: June 1st 2017
-How long have you been together: Since August 3rd
-Favorite activity: coming to pub dog
-Favorite food: peanut butter
-Mastered commands or tricks: Sit, shake, lay down and roll over
-Best memory at Pub Dog: When Hannah met her long lost sister.
-How did your dog come to be in your life: adopted her from a rescue

Pub Dog Pint Night Coming Up April 10th

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting a monthly pint night that we will use to give back to our community. Each month we will choose a different charity that will be the beneficiary of the evening. We will also partner with a local brewery and feature several of their beers for the evening. This month, our pint night will be on April 10th from 6 – 8 pm. We can’t wait to see everyone there!! For more information, check out our Facebook Page.

The Featured Organization: UpaDowna
Mission: UpaDowna’s mission is to provide access to outdoor adventures for all through events and programs that empower individuals, create healthier communities, and foster a respect for the environment. UpaDowna provides a no-excuse way for individuals, families, and the community to try a new, healthy activity outside in nature! We
help combat things like depression, low self-esteem, obesity, diabetes, autism and more! By providing a location, education, and outdoor equipment for our participants, they are sure to find an adventure activity to fall in love with!
Location: 815 S. 25th St. Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Contact Information: (719) 429-9006
Many people don’t know that UpaDowna was founded by and is still run by an Army Veteran and his wife. They have lots of upcoming events but their 3rd Saturday hike is a part of the Great American Cleanup on April 21st at 9am at America the Beautiful Park. To get more information or to get involved, please contact them.

The Partner Brewery: Upslope Brewing
Location: Boulder, CO
Email Address:\
Upcoming events: For a full calendar of upcoming events, please visit
Upslope has many beers but their most popular is their Craft Lager. For our pint night, we will be featuring their Experimental IPA (7% ABV), the Brown Ale (6.7% ABV), both available all year round, and the Belgian Style Pale Ale (7.5%) which is a seasonal beer available during early spring.

Everything We’re Not Makes Us Everything We Are

Here at Pub Dog, we often feel like trailblazers. While it may be true to say that parts of our dog friendly concept have been done before, as a whole it has not. And as the great Philosopher, Aristotle said, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ We are finding a lot of truth in this statement with every new challenge we tackle as concept pioneers. In today’s post, I would like to break down our PARTS, so you may better understand our Pub Dog family and what our WHOLE is really about.

We’re not (just) a restaurant:
/n./ a place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises

This first aspect of serving food is what sets us apart from other dog friendly places like parks, open spaces or establishments like breweries or retail stores. After a long hike or day of running errands, enjoy one of our fresh salads or hearty sandwiches. The best part is, you don’t have to leave your dog in the car!! You get to reward them with some crispy bacon, a dog bone or a refreshing pup-sicle (frozen chicken broth). We are also always adapting and changing our menu based on recommendations from our customers. Because in the end, a well fed human makes a better companion for their pooch. What a win-win situation!

We’re not (just) an animal care facility:
/n./ organization devoted to the welfare, protection and humane treatment of animals

While we don’t directly facilitate adoption and rescue operations under our company name, we are immensely invested in the welfare and condition of every dog that comes into our world. For safety reasons, we switched our cleaning supplies to a non-toxic formula, safe for dogs. In addition, we make sure that every item on our ‘doggie menu’ is 100% safe for canine consumption. In a less direct, but more rewarding way, we host a non-profit fundraising event the 2nd Tuesday of every month. At this time, we pick one charity or non-profit group from the community and we host a raffle bag event for them. A portion of the proceeds is then donated to this chosen cause of that month.

We’re not (just) a dog park:
/n./ a park for dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment under the supervision of their owner

Anyone who has ever been to Pub Dog knows that our off-leash, fenced in, play park is the reason why their dog wiggles violently with excitement as soon as they’ve pulled into our parking lot. This space was designed to give dogs an opportunity to socialize with each other as their owners get to relax with a cocktail or beer in hand and good conversation all around. It is quite amazing to see so many different sizes, shapes, breeds and backgrounds of dogs be able to run around and just have fun!

We’re not (just) a community center:
/n./ a place where members of a community can meet for social support, educational information, or recreational activities

While we may be ‘all about dogs’ here, we also strive to create an inviting and engaging space for the people our furry customers bring along with them 🙂 Located near our entrance is a game table with everything from ‘Apples to Apples’ to ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Jenga.’ There is also a growing collection of dog-themed books that can be found by the games! Most exciting, however, is the events we host here at Pub Dog. Every Wednesday night we host Trivia (through Trivia Factory) and every Thursday we host Bingo (Proceeds benefit Bear Creek Dog Park). Check out our calendar of events online or posted near the ordering window at Pub Dog!

……And now to quote early Kanye West, “Now everything I’m not, made me everything I am.”


Name: Hershey
Nickname: Hershey Wershey
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Birthday: April 18
How long have you been together:Almost a year! He turns one soon.
Favorite activity:Hiking with his sisters Jazmyn (Shetland)and Kiowa (Yorkie/Shitzu) and playing with other dogs at Pub Dog.
Favorite food: Surprisingly, his vitamins.
Mastered commands or tricks: Sit and bedtime (He goes to his bed). He is still learning.
Celebrity look-alike:No one can pull off Hershey’s look….
Best memory at Pub Dog:Every time we come in, Hershey knows where we are the moment we enter the parking lot. He is yipping with excitement and knows every employee and greats them like he’s known them his whole life because he has!
How did your dog come to be in your life: We were shopping at the mall and decided to take some stress off by looking at the puppies. My wife, Whittlee, was looking at the puppies and saw Hershey. It was love at first sight.

Meet Dr. Laketia Johnson of 42 Klicks Chiropractic – One of our Bingo Contributors!

We have so many local businesses who donate to our bingo night to support Bear Creek Dog Park! We want to highlight some of these businesses so you can get to know them a little better!!

Dr. Laketia Johnson with 42 Klicks Chiropractic is a unique mobile chiropractor. She is highly involved in her community by working with UCCS students Mondays/Wednesdays and volunteering for Special Olympics here in Colorado Springs.

What sets her apart from most chiropractors is convenience. She can take patients at her home office or go to wherever they are. She says that this is the best advantage for accommodating health in our busy lives. This flexibility offers customized care, no waiting rooms, and the opportunity to truly get to know her patients. Dr. Johnson says that most people assume chiropractic is only for pain management but offers a plethora of benefits. “Chiropractic affects your nervous system- so pretty much my job is to make you as amazing as you can be! It is absolutely fantastic for allergies, insomnia, asthma, kids, and an assortment of other things.”

Why is chiropractic care so important to our overall health and well-being?
After reviewing multiple resources, I’ve found that the central focus of chiropractic care is how proper alignment of the spine impacts everything we do and the quality of our daily lives. According to, understanding how the spine affects the nervous system is at the center of all chiropractic care. It is commonly seen as a resource to utilize while dealing with back pain. While that is one of the issues chiropractic care relieves, there are many significant benefits to this type of treatment. The spinal cord and nerves are housed in the spine, making it critical to having an uninhibited blood flow. These processes carry messages to our brain and body, affecting how we function. Chiropractors can enhance this flow through manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine.

What are 5 benefits to chiropractic care?
1. Stress relief! These adjustments release tension on the nervous system. This frees up energy for disease prevention in the body.
2. Improved Posture. Many people develop neck issues younger than ever. Shout out to my fellow millennials …believe it or not constantly sitting in front of a computer or scrolling through your Instagram feed can cause issues with the curve in your neck, affecting your overall spinal health.
3. Mood Improvement. Each adjustment is working towards balancing your body’s entire system including your body’s chemistry. People with depression and ADHD have seen significant improvement with regular adjustments as it helps with chemical imbalances.
4. Improved Immune System. Your chiropractor is removing subluxations (slight misalignment of the vertebrae) which affects your nervous system from functioning properly. This system works alongside your immune system. Correcting these subluxations allows illness prevention and quicker response from your immune system.
5. SLEEP! It is so common for our physical and emotional stress to cause pain/tension in the body. Regular treatment through chiropractic care helps ease this chronic tension ultimately improving the quality of those zZZ.

Dr. Laketia Johnson is a fantastic resource for your chiropractic needs. Her passion for wellness, schedule flexibility, and community involvement make her professional care an excellent option for people of all backgrounds and ages.
Dr. Laketia Johnson