Hello, my name is Will or as my manager likes to call me, Woodrow-Will (Woodrow is my real name) lol. I’m super excited to be working at a place like Pub Dog! There is nothing else like it! I originally moved to Colorado Springs from Amarillo, Texas in the summer of 2015. I began dating my girlfriend in 2017 who introduced her dog Emma to me. Emma is a rescue, and immediately she and I bonded pretty heavily. She is my girlfriend’s ESA (emotional support animal) and I like to say that I’m Emma’s ESHuman because she adores me! We enjoy hiking and camping around Colorado and we take her everywhere we go. We were especially excited when Pub Dog opened up because not only is it just down the street from our place but it gave us a place we can bring her to where she can be social with other dogs while we enjoy ourselves! We love it! We have been coming since Pub Dog first opened up and still come almost every week for trivia and bingo nights when I’m not working. I hope to meet more and more people that love dogs and all animals like we do on this journey with Pub Dog.


After a lot of thought and product comparisons, we have decided at Pub Dog, to replace all of our glassware with a line of unbreakable, high quality, polycarbonate drinkware. The first and most glaring question of course is, ‘Will my drink taste different out of a polycarbonate glass?’ In this case, the only noticeable difference is that your drink will in fact stay colder for longer than in a real glass. Polycarbonate is known for having excellent insulation properties, which keeps hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder for longer. This pleasant side effect certainly helped settle any back and forth we had on this issue! Now that, that’s out of the way; here is a little background about Blazun Drinkware. 

Blazun Unbreakable Drinkware is the North American branch of an Australian based company called Polysafe Unbreakable Drinkware. While they are a relatively new company, their revolutionary drinkware technology already has an unmatched reputation for its sustainability and quality. For this reason, Blazun Drinkware made its way into the American market rather quickly.  Aside from it’s undeniably positive reputation within the hospitality industry, this drinkware is virtually unbreakable! Blazun Drinkware utilizes a one-of-a-kind manufacturing method that focuses on both strength of material as well as strength of design in all of their products. Every style in our new line of Blazun Drinkware features a thick, weighted base that is easy to stack. In other words, you no longer have to strategically stack dirty glassware inside of our bus tubs to avoid breakage! And when you are testing out your serving skills while bringing a tray of drinks out to the patio, you can now do it with much more ease of mind. In general, we felt that this durable and safe design was a much better option for an establishment full of puppy paws! Your concerns and comments on this issue were heard and have now been put into action! Blazun’s mission is simple ‘To make your venue safe!’ And at Pub Dog, our drinkware decisions just so happen to mirror that simplicity, ‘To keep your pups safe!’


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Name: Chester
Nickname: Chester the Weather Dog
Breed: Golden Retriever
Birthday: June 19, 2011
How long have you been together: I got Chester when he was 6 weeks old – so his entire life, 7 years. It was love at first sight!
Favorite playtime activity: Shaking and throwing his “baby” up in the air and catching it.
Least favorite thing to do: Running. If we play fetch he walks haha!
Favorite Food: Steak, ice cream, chicken and a lick of beer every so often!
Mastered commands: Leave it, speak, sit, wait, come and finish (circles around me.)
Celebrity look alike: Shadow from Homeward Bound
Best memory at Pub Dog: 7th Birthday party where he got to eat cake with all of his friends.
How did your dog come to be in your life: I always wanted a dog to call my best friend. Once I graduated college I was finally allowed to get a puppy. I chose a breeder in Nashville Tennessee and named him Chester after a historic hotel in Starkville, Mississippi.
Anything else we should know: Chester is the official Weather Dog at FOX21 News. He has his own TV segment sponsored by Pub Dog called ‘Chester’s Crew’ which celebrates local pets across the area and gets pet pictures on TV. Outside of work he has won awards in agility and spent countless hours as a therapy dog making people smile. He enjoys swimming, cuddling and big hugs.

Peaks N’ Paws: Our Featured Bingo Contributor

Nestled 15,000 feet above sea level in the majestic Himalayan Mountains above Nepal, cows and yaks roam free in lush green grasslands. These animals are considered sacred in Nepal and contribute greatly to the economic well being of the farmers. The milk from the cherished animals comes together along with lime juice and Himalayan salt to create all natural milk chews for dogs.

The idea of these all natural dog chews began twenty-five years ago when the three founders decided to become friends. Loyalty and trust combined with a love for the devoted dog, created a bond that began their journey of giving back to their community. The founders at PeaksNPaws believe, “that no animal has served us in as many ways as the devoted dog. They have stood by us through thick and thin, never expecting a thing in return. They make us smile and bring a brightness to our day like nobody else. And we don’t even need to ask.”

Currently located in Denver Colorado, this now local business is bringing these natural ingredients all the way from the Himalayan Mountains to our fur babies. As buyers of PeaksNPaws dog chews we are helping one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world. You can catch PeaksNPaws at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market and the Denver Pet Expo, as well as entering their giveaways on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

July Pint Night Featuring Odell Brewing to Benefit All Breed Rescue & Training

Our monthly pint night is upon us! We have partnered with Odell Brewing to take over all of our taps on July 10th at 6:30 pm.  We will be donating the proceeds from the evening to All Breed Rescue & Training. Our mystery prize raffle will also be happening with drawings starting at 7:30 and continuing until 8:30.  We hope to see all of you there to help us support this great organization!!


The Featured Organization: All Breed Rescue & Training

Location: 410 ½ E. Fillmore St. Colorado Springs, CO  80907

Phone Number: 719-264-6460

Email Address:


Mission: All Breed Rescue & Training’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome, (re)train at-risk shelter dogs and provide professional education services for all dog owners.They also educate the community to help keep dogs in people’s homes. They offer FREE training for all puppies under 16 weeks of age adopted from HSPPR to give those dogs the best foundation for success in their new homes through socialization. They take dogs in danger of being euthanized to make room at the shelter for more “adoptable” dogs then train and rehome those dogs to suitable homes.  Any dog that they rescue, they rescue for LIFE. Any dog adopted from them can be brought back at any time and will be rehomed. Interested in getting involved? Fill out a volunteer application at:


The Partner Brewery: Odell Brewing

Location: 800 East Lincoln Ave.  Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone Number: 970-498-9070

Email Address:


We will be featuring 8 beers from Odell Brewing and 1 cider from Stem Ciders for pint night this month. Here is the list of what we will be featuring!


IPA – 7% ABV

Rupture Fresh Grind Ale – 6% ABV

Cutthroat Porter Nitro – 5% ABV

Easy Street Wheat – 4.6% ABV

90 Schilling Scottish Amber – 5.3% ABV

Levity Amber Ale – 5.1% ABV

Colorado Lager – 5% ABV

St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale – 6.5% ABV

Stem Hibiscus Session Cider – 4.3% ABV


Mystery Prize Raffle thanks to our amazing sponsors!

Pet Pantry & Dog Wash

Native Instinct Co

Republic of Paws

The Barking Biscuit Bakery-Mobile Treat Trailer

Painting with a Twist

Bark for Help, LLC


Name: Bartholomew

Nickname: B-Mo

Breed: Rottweiler

Birthday: March 5

How long have you been together: 5 weeks

Favorite playtime activity: Biting my sister’s tail!

Least favorite thing to do: give me mom the treasures I’ve found around the house

Favorite food: Anything that blows in the wind

Mastered commands or tricks: Sit, lay down, and belly rubs

Celebrity look-alike: Joey Diaz

Best memory at Pub Dog: First time eating a pupsicle!

How did your dog come to be in your life: It was love at first sight!